03 December, 2017


Happy Sunday! For me Sundays always start slowly and very peacefully. Sunday is the only day of the week I try not to plan but just relax and enjoy it. For that reason Sunday morning is the perfect time for thoughtful and yummy breakfast. I want to share with you one of my favorite pancakes recipes that is healthy and very delicious.

For these pancakes you'll need 300g oats, 2-4 eggs, 3 tbs. greek yogurt, 100g milk or water and 1tbs. honey. You can also add cinnamon or seeds it's very optional. 
Preheat the pan. Place the oats into the food processor. Pulse  until the oats reach fine, powdery consistency. Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Cook on medium heat (I like to make them small so it's easier to flip them). Serve pancakes with desired toppings.

Other two options how I like to serve these pancakes:

I hope you find this recipe helpful! I really suggest you to try these pancakes. You'll love them!

14 November, 2017


I thought I could share some recent favorites from all kind of categories. First thing and I think the most important is bullet journaling. I have been trying this kind of planning for a few months and I enjoy how creative I can be at the same time when I plan my stuff. It helps me to stay motivated. I already started to set up my bullet journal for the next year and I can't wait to use it and share pictures of designs, layouts, etc.

Other important thing - I got new phone since my previous one was full of errors (no service) and out of space. The best part about getting new phone is better quality of camera which helps me to take amazing pictures of products and makeup for blog and instagram. I love the 'portrait' mode the most - it focuses on the product and makes the background blurry. Pictures turn out better than with my old but loved Canon camera.

Lately I am into DIY, details and interior changes. I wish I could change more things in our apartment (like painting the walls or having shelves) but that's not allowed so I can only focus on particular furniture and decors. For some time I was thinking about organizing desk, create it more personal and stylish to keep me motivated. I found some awesome DIYs on pinterest and can't wait to design that little space in our home where I would enjoy planning, drawing and working. It would be also a perfect spot for capturing bullet journal designs. 

These are some of my favorite makeup products and I use them almost everyday. Every product is from drugstore and I love how affordable yet amazing these products are. NYX Tame&Frame is my favorite brow product at the moment and gold glitter liner is perfect for upcoming holidays. This Sun Powder became my favorite bronzer for now because it is the most perfect shade for me (not too dark or orange), pigmented and blends very well. 
Only thing that is not from drugstore is this MAC foundation. I bought it only for 1 euro which seems very funny but that's because I won coupon code from local luxury store. I finally got to try it and I love it!

Of course this post must contain food or desserts. Smoothie is my favorite option for quick snack or breakfast. It takes small amount of time and gives you the most delicious and healthy drink as it's the only successful way to add loads of spinach, chia seeds, nuts etc to my nutrition.

And the sweets.. I can't wait for official holiday season so I can eat gingerbread cookies all the time, haha. I am always so excited when I see our buy these, my favorite Christmas dessert/snack. 

11 November, 2017


Welcome back! I wanted to share these selfies with makeup I recently did. As I mentioned before I love smokey eye makeup looks but it doesn't mean it works only with dark brown/black colors. I've always loved bright colorful shadows and I AM OBSESSED with purple shades. For a long time I wanted to create the look above - purple lids and light pink lips. I also added a touch of pink in the center but skipped winged liner (which is rare) to keep focus on the colors.

I have lots of ideas for winter/holiday makeup looks but I really wanted to create this look, I guess I start to miss warm weather, haha. I will definitely recreate this in summer because I feel like this glam would look perfect with tanned skin and glowy skin.

06 November, 2017


Welcome back here! In July I wrote about my skincare favorites and now they've changed a bit. This time I want to share more detailed routine with products I use regularly.
I have combination skin and lately my skin has been changing a lot and I've been treating it with more care therefore I have been using more products to get rid of the oily shine.
I want to share with you my favorite products that I use at the moment.

M O R N I N G.
STEP 1: In the morning I wash my face with L'oreal Pure Clay Purifying Gel Wash, it claims to cleanse and get rid of  impurities and excess oil. I've been using it only for a few days and I already love how my skin feels after it.
STEP 2: I use these two toners only when I do my makeup. Before applying base products, I clean my face with Mixa Purifying Lotion to get rid of extra shine, it also reduces spots so I get a little treatment before makeup. I love this lotion as it does what it is supposted to do. 
STEP 3: While doing my makeup, I use Nivea Refreshing Toner. Actually, I use it only as a beauty hack I saw all over the internet. This toner works as a dupe for Mac Fix+ as these two are water based products with similar ingredients such as glycerin and hydrogenated caster oil. I spray it on the brush before applying shimmer shadows for more vibrant effect, spray it on the face after setting a powder so the powder sets into the skin and the finish is less "cakey". And I love how it works!

STEP 1: Of course the most important thing is to take the makeup and the dirt off of your face after a long day. When I have too much makeup on, I don't skip this step and start to clean my face with Garnier Micellar Water. (But not everytime, haha.) Then I continue to clean my face with water and Garnier Micellar Gel Wash, it takes my makeup off gently and easily. I also use small damp towel to clean my face and make sure my hairline and neck are clean as well. This is the part when my makeup is gone and my face is clean.
STEP 2: I continue to wash my face with water and L'oreal Pure Clay Purifying Gel Wash (as I mentioned it before.)

STEP 3: Next I use one of these The Ordinary products. I use Hyaluronic Acid when I want to hydrate my skin a little bit, and after this skin feels smoother, softer and healthier. Sometimes I use Azelaic Acid to improve visible brightness and the appearance of skin texture. Then I masage my skin with roller, I love to do this because this process relaxes facial muscles (which helps prevent wrinkles), stimulates blood flow (read: brightens your complexion), softens sebum (which helps cleanse the skin of impurities and helps absorb the product I apply before a massage.)

WHEN MY SKIN BREAKS OUT: I use one of the NIP+FAB pads before bed. NIP+FAB Glycolic pads exfoliate skin, help to fade discolouration, reduce blemishes and removes dead cells and toxins. When I have blemishes, I use The Ordinary Salicylic Acid directly over blemishes because it is a perfect daily treatment - Salicylic Acid clears and clarifies the complexion.

WHEN I HAVE TIME: I love this Beauty Formulas Charcoal Clay mask. At first, I thought my skin broke out because of the mask but there was another reason for that. Then I used it a few more times again and I absolutely enjoyed it - my skin feels clean, fresh and less oily.

For now this routine works pretty good and I am very satisfied. Have you tried any of these products?