14 June, 2018


Picnic is one of the many cool things everyone should try this summer. It's such a fun and cool activity especially if you have a beautiful surrounding near you.
I couldn't wait for summer because I always loved picnics and I wanted to plan a good one this year with good snacks, cute outfit and pretty views. My most favorite thing about spending time outdoors is just sitting somewhere near pretty place like lake and enjoy nature and good weather.
In the beginning of June it was time to celebrate summer with first picnic of the season. Even though it was way too hot I still had a wonderful time.

If you love being outside, discover new places around you, I definitely suggest you to go for a picnic, relax and just enjoy yourself.

11 June, 2018


It's been already two good weeks of Summer and I am excited for the more amazing and warm days to come. Right now it's raining outside and feels pretty windy but my summer mood is on and I wanted to share some things I will be obsessed with during this hot and adventurous time.

  • GLOW. Glowy skin is a MUST for summer days. Liquid and powder highlighters, dewy mists and shimmer oils are perfect products for achieving glowy skin. Also, don't forget to drink lots of water and use SPF to get healthy and protected skin. 
  • BRIGHT MAKEUP. Even though it's hard to wear full glam makeup on hot days, I still want to do my makeup. While using less products on skin, I like to focus on eye makeup, use bright colors and pretty techniques. 

  •  PICNICS. It feels like such a good idea to grab some snacks and enjoy beautiful weather outside by the beach, in the park or somewhere else. I think it's such a cool activity to do especially in the mornings or chilly evenings when you want to relax but don't want to sit at home. I can't wait to plan more picnics. 

  •  ACCENTS. Lately I've been obsessed with accent details like bright, colorful nails, gold delicate necklaces that you can combine in different styles or wear alone and gold bobby pins that make your hairstyle cooler. Minimal effort for effective looks.
  • DENIM. Denim shorts and denim jacket are my must haves in my summer closet. It is so easy to match denim jacket with everything, no matter if you wear chic dress or something casual like leggings and tank top. 

  • FOOD. Of course there are specific food that I want to eat more during hot summer season. Fresh fruits & veggies, cold lemonades or milkshakes, light and healthy desserts are perfect for summer. I have lots of recipes I want to try (for example, cute smoothie bowls, lemonades, fruit plates, etc.).
all inspo pictures are from pinterest.com

31 May, 2018


Hello there! It's the last day of May and it actually was one of the few months which felt incredibly long. May was a pretty good month for me - I did lots of creative things, bought some new stuff that I can't wait to try this summer, created to-do list for what I would like to achieve this summer and most importantly, felt pretty positive throughout the whole month. Before summer-y looks and useful posts I wanted to share random pictures of some things from my phone.

I wasn't very pleased with my May bullet journal set up (few photos on pinterest) - I didn't feel inspired at all, I even thought of quitting bullet journaling as I didn't have any fun creating it.  I guess I chose the wrong theme (I had yellow dandelion inspired theme) as I didn't know how to express my creativity with it and I just wrote my everyday to-do's without any doodling.
Although, when I was creating June's spread I definitely had more fun and inspiration. I am happy with my June's tropical theme. Everytime I use pink and gray green colors I enjoy my themes and bullet journaling much more.

Few weeks ago I went to my favorite store in town called 'Manilla' - from amazing pastel colored furniture & tropical vibe interior to main things they sell (pens, stationery, home stuff and beautiful cards), I love it there. Besides that, they also sell rose latte which looks and tastes amazing. The rose latte is coffee free therefore it was perfect for me (as I am not a coffee person).

I found this picture on my phone and wanted to include it in this post even though I got this card few months ago. I love NYX makeup so much and when I got an opportunity to have (VIP) discount card I was absolutely happy.

At the beginning of May, I had a plan to stay away from sweets and junk food to prepare myself for a marathon. I love sweets, I am the person who craves something everyday and I never thought I could stay away from junk food but surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Even though, sometimes I wished I had donuts and chocolate instead of healthy food. After a good month of eating healthy food, I enjoyed the weekend with waffles and actually ate them without any guilt because on occasions everything is allowed, right?

Makeup makes me feel good when I am not feeling my best but lately I don't even want to play with makeup and it never happend to me as I enjoy the process so much. I have so many looks in my mind and after going through youtube videos and instagram posts I got my little inspiration back so hopefully I'll be able to share some new looks soon. 

I usually don't post these kind of random posts but I wanted to share just some everyday kind of things. I hope you enjoyed this post.

27 May, 2018


Hello there! Since the spring/summer weather is finally here (thank God no snow in May), I've been super inspired by bright colors. Usually I stick to neutral earth tones since it's easy to match neutral things but this season I've been loving to use bright colors for accents like nails, accessories and of course - makeup. My everyday makeup (if I have one) consists of neutral colors so in my free time I take my bright palettes out of shelves and create bright looks. I wanted to share my two recent looks that I actually was so satisfied and happy with.

With this look I wanted to focus on bold colors therefore I didn't use any difficult techniques but blended eyeshadows all over the lid and out beyond the lid - towards the temple. My goal was to combine two very bright, bold colors together that I haven't combined before. For example, blue eyeshadows paired with red lipstick is my least favorite look ever but I wanted to create a look with similar tones but one that I could actually like and want to recreate in the future. When I finished this look I was a little bit unsure about combination (I felt that my lips were still too plum/red) but after taking pictures I actually became obsessed. For the lips I used Jeffree Star Cosmetics lipstick in the shade 'androgyny' and it is the most perfect sultry, plum mauve shade. It looks incredible with bright eyeshadows. This look gives me a retro vibe with perfect tones and shades.

This is another look I did recently. My inspiration was spring flowers, more precisely lilacs. I used different shades of purple on the eyes as well as on the lips. It's been a long time since I created eye look without using cut crease. I simply blended eye shadows from lightest to darkest. I also used a little bit of glitter for under eye accents. On the lips I created simple ombre look with bold purple lipsticks.

Look with bold, colorful lips is one of my favorites because it is such an art to rock purple, bright blue or green lips. I would never go somewhere with such bright lipstick but for the experiment or the pictures - I am ready!