28 March, 2018


Hello there! Today's post is something I wanted to share with you for a long time, actually since I got this beautiful palette from Fenty Beauty back in December. However, I didn't want to post typical review with describing price, color and ingredients as you can find that info on the internet therefore I created few bright makeup looks so I could talk about my thoughts and experience with this palette. I know that this palette is already in the beauty industry for a long time as it was from Holiday Collection but I wanted to write a post about it anyway.

First thing that catched my eye was the packaging, of course. The cardboard box and palette are so pretty in different lights and angles. This design is everything! The only thing that makes me sad is that cover picks up finger prints very easily.

When I first opened Galaxy palette I was blown away! Every eyeshadow in this palette is so beautiful and sparkly. The shadows range from sheer, glittery topcoats to smoky shimmery based eyeshadows. Sadly, it's hard to see the beauty in pictures because lots of them deliver a 3D effect. In real life they sparkle like crazy.
For me, this palette is totally different from the other ones I've tried because the formula of the shadows feels so glittery and sparkly yet smooth and easy to work with. I suggest using glitter glue or sticky base with these to get better result and make them last longer + use finger to apply them as my brushes didn't do justice for the pigment.

My favorite looks with this palette so far:
Light blue cut crease look. I used 'Cosmic Ocean' (sheer aqua glitter) & 'Sublime' (sheer mint and gold glitter).

Bright cut crease with glitter liner accent. I used 'Ultraviolit' (smoky violet with iridescent glitter).

I think this is my favorite look using Galaxy palette. Smoky eyeshadows with nude lips will always be my most loved combination. I used 'Planet Ex' (smoky brown with iridescent glitter) & 'Lightyear' (smoky charcoal with gold glitter) on the lid.

Another purple look. I used 'Space Owt' (smoky grape with holographic blue) on the center of the lid. 

It amazes how I've used this palette for months and it still excites me everytime I open it. While I was writing this post I've swatched it on my arm again and that sparkle is too good. I used mostly cool toned shadows and I can't wait to try copper and rose gold tones next (perfect during springtime & summer).
I am so happy I have this palette thanks to my lovely sister who gave me it for my birthday.

20 March, 2018


Hi there! It's a new week and I am so excited for another new beginning. I believe that everyday or every week you can change your habits, try new stuff and find new motivation. Therefore, I am so motivated to eat healthier and feel better. Lately I've been eating more veggies and fruits than I used to and it feels so good! I love to drink juices when I don't feel like cooking, between the meals or when I have some cravings for sweets. 

My favorite way how to add vegetables & fruits to my diet is juicing. Since I got a juicer, I've become obsessed with it. It's so quick and easy to make a good juice full of good nutrients. At the moment, I am loving green juices so I wanted to share with you my favorite detox juice and benefits of each ingredient.


  • CELERY - even though I hate the taste of celery in mixtures it's pretty tolerable. Celery helps with skin problems & weight loss, controls blood pressure, cleanses the body, etc.
  • GINGER - I love ginger and use it everyday. It strengthens immune system, promotes detoxification, improves blood circulation, soothes muscle pain, etc.
  • PINEAPPLE - rich source of vitamin C, boosts your energy, hydrates the body, promotes bone, heart & eye health, etc.
  • KIWI - keeps skin healthy, boosts mood, promotes better sleep, etc.
  • CUCUMBER - promotes digestion, hydrates the body & skin, flushes out toxins, etc.
  • AVOCADO - (add avocado to juice separately) maintains healthy skin, promotes detoxification, helps you absorb nutrients, helps control appetite, low in sugar, etc.
  • SPINACH - high in antioxidants, fights diseases, strengthens bones, increases brain function, etc.

Healthy juice is a perfect replacement of unhealthy snacks or cravings. I've been obsessed with mixing ingredients and trying new taste every time I make a juice.

12 March, 2018


Hello there! It's been a while since I took new pictures of myself or my outfits. I wanted to share one of my top looks this winter that I've been obsessed with. This jacket is a little big and puffy but so warm and comfy. Even though it's shorter than classic winter coats it's perfect for the cold, cold winter. I also wore sneakers the other day and it felt so good to change from boots to something light.

I am sorry that pictures are so bad, it was already dark outside and hard to take good photos but looking at them, I still wanted to post some.

09 March, 2018


It's already March, spring is getting closer and closer which I am so excited about. I feel like spring is the most motivating season for me even though weather in the beginning is still cold and gray. To stay inspired through this bad weather and continue to create I wanted to share some of my favorite snaps from February.

Since it was pretty romantic month I drew lots of roses in my journal. I love drawing and seriously want to draw and paint more. It used to be one of my favorite things to do.

I did some Valentine's Day makeup looks even though I didn't feel very inspired but I couldn't resist pink makeup as I haven't used bright makeup in a while. Also my bullet journal was covered in cute things and quotes. I guess pink is one of my favorite colors now.

 This was my favorite weekly layout.

 Combination of black and pink is so addicting. I surely will be obsessed with it this spring.

Recently I made two vision boards as I love to have inspirational things around me.

I felt like February was quite inspirational for me and I hope spring will be even better. Can't wait!