03 February, 2017


My first favorite thing would be this vault of liquid lipsticks from NYX Cosmetics that I've been obsessed with lately. I wanted some of these lipsticks in full size but when I saw that this package has pretty good discount I knew - I need them all. There is no lipsticks I wouldn't like and I can't wait to create looks with them. I feel like I will try these until the end of the year, haha. 

Other thing that is crazy good is this palette. It has been all over the internet and I fell in love with the colors and pigments. I wanted to try this so bad and waited for few month until it was back in stock. I feel like this is the first product I wanted so badly. This palette has great pigment, shadows blends very good and it can be used for everyday looks and night looks. 

While creating Valentines' day makeup look today, I tried these eye brushes from BH Cosmetics. These are very affordable and I read very good reviews, therefore I was very excited to finally use them and I loved them. So soft and gentle for eyes, these brushes blend shadows perfectly!

Before creating makeup looks on my actual face, I love to make these face charts to see how makeup will look at the end.  It has been one of my favorite activities recently! 

I got this mask as a gift and I wanted to try one from The Body Shop so finally I have a chance. I've used it few times and I love how pure it is and how it makes my skin smooth and healthy.

OMG, these sparkly chokers! I am obsessed! They look so stunning on neck and makes the whole look so chic. 

One of my 2017 resolutions is to read books. And these are few I want to read until the end of 2017. I hope reading will be favorite calming activity through the whole year.

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