20 December, 2016


Since it is a Holiday season it is so great to give and receive gifts, even if some are "To myself, from myself", haha. In early December I (finally!) got these two palettes. I was waiting for these for so long and they came right before Holidays and I am super excited. 
This is my first time trying the brand, everybody has talked about it for so long and finally I can try them by myself. These are so easy to use, very pigmented and lasts for many, many hours. Lately I've been creating lots of Christmas makeup looks and it is so great to use some really bright and pigmented shadows. 
This is 35O palette (well, everyone already knows this palette) and there is actually no need for long introductions and descriptions. I really enjoy using this palette as it has so many neutral tones both in matte and shimmer. Finally I got shadows that blends and looks on eyes very well.
Second palette I got my hands on and it is 35U palette. SO MANY BRIGHT COLORS, I am super excited to use it. I love how perfect it is for everything you want to create - everyday look, holiday look. It is perfect for every day of the year. I guess this is my favorite palette now! When colors are as bright on eyes as in the palette I guess it is a good reason to fall in love with it. Here are swatches from this palette.

I feel like words "excited" and "perfect" are used a little too much in one post but these are the greatest words to explain what I feel about these palettes, shadows and how they work.

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