28 February, 2016


 I got this Carli Bybel BH Cosmetics Palette for my birthday and it is really good. I love the mix of shimmer shades and matte shades as I love to use matte products and highlight few face parts with shimmer. All shades are perfectly pigmented and highlighters are very beautiful (haven't tried the darkest highlighter though). 
 I have mentioned Killer Queen perfume in old post but can't not mention it again as I still am obsessed with the good smell. I also got purple edition Killer Queen: Oh So Sheer as a gift and it is so pure, I love the mix of wild berries and flowers. It is perfect for spring/summer.
And these brushes.. I just got them and they are so beautiful. Can't wait to try them. It's a perfect face/eyes brush set as it has all the necessary brushes such as foundation, contour, eyeshadow, etc.
 My two favorite palettes right now. The other one I also mentioned in old post but I still love and use it. I think palettes with shimmer and matte combination will be my every day and every month favorite.
 This FEEL THE GLAMOUR set by local brand Stenders also was a gift. It contains of bath ball and gold silk cream for face and decollete both with gold. Since I don't like glittery makeup I think 24 carat gold shimmer on neck will look absolutely stunning when go to the glamourous events. Looking forward to try both products!
 These are not makeup/beauty products but these hangers are absolutely my favorites. I am so obsessed with nude colors and velvet right now so the mix of both obsessions are needed in my house.

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