03 November, 2016


It is not a surprise that skincare is one of the most important things in human's health routines. Taking care of skin is also a very important step in my routine. 
First step is the most important - washing my face. Therefore, first I clean my face with micellar water to take off  the most of makeup and then I wash my face with makeup remover mixing it with water. Next, I love to use scrub or mask to clean my skin deeper. For this I love to use brush to exfoliate. After this, face feels so good. 
Second step is creams & serums. In the mornings, after washing my face I put creams and serum on. Right now my favorite combo is this NIP+FAB serum and Himalaya Multipurpose cream. This Himalaya cream is a MUST HAVE as it is super affordable and natural. I have used it for a long time and it is my numer 1 cream. It protects and helpts maintain general skin condition and soothes sore skin. 

Last step. I use oils before sleep. I don't like to use oils in the morning before putting my makeup on because I want my skin as matte as possible. These oils I use are 100% natural. Of course I don't use all oils at the same time. Which oil I use depends on what I want to take care of.
At the moment I have Avocado oil, Sweet Almond oil, Peach Kernel oil and Grape Seed oil.
Few benefits of oils:

  • Avocado oil is great for dry/oily/itchy skin. It is a great moisturizer and nail strenghtener. Avocado oil decreases the effects of aging and it can be applied to all parts of the face (even the eye area). Avocado oil also heals and helps to treat burned skin, eczema and psoriasis.  
  • Sweet Almond oil is also a great moisturizer and helps with eczema and psoriasis. It is great for dark circle remedy, anti aging, smooth lips and healthy glow. Almond oil is perfect for taking off waterproof mascara and makeup. 
  • Peach Kernel oil is non-irritating and is a good choice for sensitive, dry/oily/itchy skin. Peach oil slowly absorbs, therefore allows longer protection. It is also good for nails lips.
  • Grape Seed oil is also great for dry/oily skin and can be applied around the eyes. It helps to remove make up easily.

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