15 October, 2015


The girl behind the camera either way she is too hilarious to shoot with or too serious going through photos. Both are important actually!
We're always out as we get lots of inspiration and a good light of sun. This is actually an outfit from couple of weeks ago and I forgot to post it but it is never too late (at least as long as fall is here and combination of outfit details is appropriate for this season).
About outfit: "This outfit is as black as my soul", haha kidding! Even though it is getting colder and darker outside it is not bad to wear black on black on black (well, it's NEVER a bad idea to wear black). This was the first look when I wore this jacket and I am absolutely loving it! If it would be much warmer I would wear it until winter straight away. Shirt and pants are casual. Even though the shirt is gray not black I love it. I am kind of obsessed with grey shirts and tops lately!
And these boots... I was craving for new ankle boots for a long long time so I finally bought them and of course I had to style and shoot them as soon as possible!

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I love discovering and trying new hairstyles so this is one of my new favorite hairstyles. Braided hairstyles are my favorites but I can't style them well on myself (still learning) so my friend-photographer-hair stylist always helps me with braids.

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