16 May, 2015


As I said in my previous post, this look is from few weeks ago. This was one of the sunny pre-spring days when you just want to be outside and do some things like meet your friends, take a walk or just enjoy nature. I was waiting for green nature for so long and it was worth the waiting! Just hope for more warm and sunny days to catch up with all plans and things that are on my mind! 

About outfit: I love combo of white and black, it looks so simple yet stylish at the same time! With this outfit I felt like adding some beige details like this bag and a scarf that I am obsessed with this spring! I already had this scarf for a few years and only now I felt like wearing it. 
Usually I wear leather jackets so this spring I started to discover more other outwear like coats. I love clothes which I can match over and over again with different kind of styles and clothes. 

I am so in love with this combo of coat and sneakers.

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